2nd December 2008

You Have Made Heaven and Earth – 2 Kings 19:15

“And Hezekiah prayed before the Lord and said: “O Lord, the God of Israel, enthroned above the cherubim, you are the God, you alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; you have made heaven and earth.” – 2 Kings 19:15

YHWH is the God of all kingdoms of the earth. You were Lord in days past and You are still Lord today. Nothing, Father, has changed and no nation is ruled without your power overshadowing that rule in mightiness and authority.

Forgive me, Father, for acting as if our country and others are ruled apart from your overshadowing might. You are in control and nothing happens apart from your ultimate will – good or bad. You are not surprised. You are not disappointed. You are not set back. Your will is to be done. Please let me understand your greatness and your power and your authority so that I trust you in all things; trust you to rule; trust you to guide world events; trust YOU not to be surprised by any occurrences in the world. All things work to your glory.

Thank you Father for the assurance of heaven. Thank you that you desire all men to be saved and command us to do your will in spreading the good news. Thank you that we are not operating under our own power, for we would break under the strain. It is such a pleasure to be able to look to Jesus as an example and attempt to follow His leadership and example.

Help me, Lord, to trust you and obey you. Help me to understand the weight of the great commission and to be faithful. Help me to frame my worldview around the fact that your power and might are in control of everything. Aid my understanding and refine me so that my actions and words are better representations of someone who belongs to you.

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