20th August 2008

Caeden’s Hearing Test

Caeden’s hearing test was yesterday. Basically, they just tested to see if hearing could be causing the speech issue. He can hear the entire speech range in at least one ear. Due to that, the Audiologist said there was no reason to put him through the trauma of extensive testing to see if he has partial hearing loss. She said that if I become concerned and see signs of a possible hearing issue, we can test him then.

We saw the speech therapist last week. The only concern I had was that she tested him using a 18-20 month old test and he turned 21 months today. She is not concerned and thinks he may just be lazy (I assume she meant his mouth muscles are lazy =-)). It is amazing to me that there are exercises and stuff to help with forming sounds.

Caeden learned “ball” (he says “baaw”) a few days ago and is so excited that he uses it all the time and very loudly. The produce department at the grocery store was quite amusing. It is amazing how many things are round there.

No one seems to want to give Caeden a diagnosis, but I think that is because I was between pediatricians when I approached the state early intervention program.

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