29th July 2008

Caeden’s Speech Evaluation

Short Answer: Yes, he qualifies. Speech Therapy will start soon.

Long Answer: During the evaluation, they scored Caeden in 5 different areas. 85 and above is normal, but you have to be 79 or below to qualify for the program. His Motor Skills and Cognitive were in the 100’s, but his Self-Help/Adaptive and Social/Emotional were 80, which made me nervous. The last one was Understanding and Communicating where he received a 78, so he qualified for speech therapy through their program. I think his Self-Help/Adaptive and Social/Emotional are affected by his lack of speech. They want us to get a hearing test done by a Pediatric Audiologist which is scheduled for Aug 19 and we need to cut back on signing and reward any non-whining verbal response. After the hearing test, he should have two 30 min. speech therapy sessions a week.

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18th July 2008

Caeden’s Speech Evaluation

Well, we are finding that the state program is an exercise in patience. The program is only available until they are 3, and two months will have gone by just to get Caeden in for an evaluation to see if he qualifies. He is finally set for 1pm on July 25 (right in the middle of nap time). We are most interested in a hearing test because although his speech is very delayed his problem solving skills seem to be normal for his age.

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