25th June 2008

May I Never Need This Kind of Correction

In my reading today I was in Amos, Chapter 4. As I was reading through it I really saw the repeated, overt longing of God for His people to return to Him. To ‘get their attention’ He did the following:

  • Introduced famine
  • Withheld rain
  • Had it rain in one city and not another
  • Blasted His people with blight (withering of plants) and mildew
  • Allowed locusts to devour their food, gardens
  • Sent a plague similar to one from the pre-Egyptian exodus time
  • Allowed war against His people
  • He allowed them to be overthrown (note that He is credited with allowing this, not the invading countries) yet He still plucked them out of the total devastation

After each of these items, God writes “Yet you have not returned to Me, says the LORD.” Read the rest of this entry »

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