24th June 2008

Gas Prices, Air Cars and Bad Decisions

So high gas prices are here to stay. That’s fine… I mean, it’s not fine, but it seems to be a fact of life now and America is in the midst of figuring out what exactly to do about it. Of the solutions I’ve seen:

  • Ignore it
    Eh, not such a great idea. I think that for the most part leaving everything up to market forces (as-is) will result in the US paying more and more until our entire economic industry collapses into untold inflation.
  • Act Like Drilling for Our Own Oil is Too Long Term a Solution to be Viable
    This one kinda bugs me. There are MANY people I’ve heard, seen and read about who seem to think that since it will take 10 or more years (many of the ignorant ones who apparently think the regulatory status quo is untouchable say 25 years) to develop and ship out new sources of oil, then we should simply avoid that option altogether. As if the rest of the world isn’t going to continue drilling or searching for new sources of oil. Yes, let’s completely ignore the single source of energy that drives the vast majority of locomotive power in this country. Essentially this is the “let’s really hose our children and grandchildren through avoidance” option. It’s also related to the next item. Read the rest of this entry »

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