5th June 2008

Not ‘When I’m Ready’, But Now – Matthew 8:19-22

Jesus, let me never wait to follow you or do your will.

You are worthy of being followed NOW. You are more important than my life, or my goals, or my thoughts about what is significant. Even my family and well being are of no significance in comparison to your will.

Forgive me for putting you off until the future. For thinking that when I am free of the debts and constraints of this world that THEN I will truly serve you at full capacity. I must do so now, in any and every way that I am able. Forgive me for not finding every chance to do Your will here and now.

Thank you for making it abundantly clear what is important and that I should serve you immediately. Thank you for giving me friends and family to help me. Thank you for surrounding me with opportunities to serve and share your good news of the kingdom.

Please help me to break free of my comfort zone and to value You and Your message above my own will and desire for peace or comfort. Help me to lead my family to pursue you with all of their might and seek you in all the things that they do. Help me to integrate you into every aspect of my life.

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