3rd June 2008

Eyes are the window of the soul – Matthew 6:22-23

Here it is in scripture that we see the eye is the window in which either light or dark can enter our body. It seems apparent to me that most of my sin originates with my eyes. I covet, beacause I see something I like. Lust, greed… same thing. So, do I blind myself to avoid all input from sources which aren’t light? No, probably not. I think the key is to fill my eyes with as much light as possible while I pray and focus on the things of God.

This isn’t as difficult as I would think. God, after all made everything that exists. Armed with this knoledge I am transformed every time I look at a tree or an animal… or my wife, or kids. There is ample amounts of light around me to combat the darkness. The key is going to be praying that I can focus on Him and His works, and fill myself up with His beauty and truth to combat the things of this world which assault my senses every day.

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