25th June 2008

May I Never Need This Kind of Correction

In my reading today I was in Amos, Chapter 4. As I was reading through it I really saw the repeated, overt longing of God for His people to return to Him. To ‘get their attention’ He did the following:

  • Introduced famine
  • Withheld rain
  • Had it rain in one city and not another
  • Blasted His people with blight (withering of plants) and mildew
  • Allowed locusts to devour their food, gardens
  • Sent a plague similar to one from the pre-Egyptian exodus time
  • Allowed war against His people
  • He allowed them to be overthrown (note that He is credited with allowing this, not the invading countries) yet He still plucked them out of the total devastation

After each of these items, God writes “Yet you have not returned to Me, says the LORD.” Read the rest of this entry »

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24th June 2008

Gas Prices, Air Cars and Bad Decisions

So high gas prices are here to stay. That’s fine… I mean, it’s not fine, but it seems to be a fact of life now and America is in the midst of figuring out what exactly to do about it. Of the solutions I’ve seen:

  • Ignore it
    Eh, not such a great idea. I think that for the most part leaving everything up to market forces (as-is) will result in the US paying more and more until our entire economic industry collapses into untold inflation.
  • Act Like Drilling for Our Own Oil is Too Long Term a Solution to be Viable
    This one kinda bugs me. There are MANY people I’ve heard, seen and read about who seem to think that since it will take 10 or more years (many of the ignorant ones who apparently think the regulatory status quo is untouchable say 25 years) to develop and ship out new sources of oil, then we should simply avoid that option altogether. As if the rest of the world isn’t going to continue drilling or searching for new sources of oil. Yes, let’s completely ignore the single source of energy that drives the vast majority of locomotive power in this country. Essentially this is the “let’s really hose our children and grandchildren through avoidance” option. It’s also related to the next item. Read the rest of this entry »

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12th June 2008

Murphy Ruled My Week

Before I explain my week, let me preface by saying that, in perspective, I realize nothing that happened was truly bad – in fact it was kind of funny and I have a pretty good sense of humor about things… Nevertheless, Murphy had a lot of fun at my expense and the chain reaction of glitches I experienced was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This week everything electronic in my house broke, failed, or needed to be replaced or reconfigured.

Some of this was the simple result of upgrading the AV receiver in my theater room – that necessarily involves the removal and replacement of just about every cable I had connected to the old unit. It also provides opportunities for improvement and re-configuring of my system. Read the rest of this entry »

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10th June 2008

Seven things the Lord hates – Proverbs 6:16-19

Six things the Lord hates – things we should all keep close to heart so that we don’t fall into these areas in our lives:

  • Pride
  • Dishonesty
  • Murder
  • Plotting, deviousness
  • Those quick to sin, flippancy of sin
  • Liars and those who specifically lie to hurt others or help themselves
  • Gossip, especially as it pertains to sowing discord among believers

According to Jesus’ redefinition of things like murder, I believe I have done all seven… Indeed I want specifically to work on pride and seeing my sin for the grievous act that it is against God. I want to make sure my words lift up and do not tear down. I want my thoughts to be of love, especially towards my enemies. I want to run quickly FROM sin, not toward it. I want to use truth and my words to defend the innocent and put others before me. And I want to be known for truth and mercy above all else.

Lord you are worthy of our best, yet accept our worst. You are the perfect model of truth, justice, mercy and kindness. I have not followed your word and your ways and haven’t focused on the ‘best’ which you have put before me. Help me to do the things you value most and keep me from the sins that come so easily. Thank you for your forgiveness and willingness to help me become the person you want me to be.

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8th June 2008


Caeden was referred for a speech and hearing evaluation, but our insurance won’t pay for it and All Children’s want $540 which seems excessive considering that there is a good chance that absolutely nothing is wrong with him. We canceled the appointment and registered him for the local 0-3 grant program. We will see if he qualifies and go from there. If any of you know a speech therapist, can you ask them when a parent needs to worry if a child makes lots of sounds and communicates in other ways, but has no real words.

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5th June 2008

Not ‘When I’m Ready’, But Now – Matthew 8:19-22

Jesus, let me never wait to follow you or do your will.

You are worthy of being followed NOW. You are more important than my life, or my goals, or my thoughts about what is significant. Even my family and well being are of no significance in comparison to your will.

Forgive me for putting you off until the future. For thinking that when I am free of the debts and constraints of this world that THEN I will truly serve you at full capacity. I must do so now, in any and every way that I am able. Forgive me for not finding every chance to do Your will here and now.

Thank you for making it abundantly clear what is important and that I should serve you immediately. Thank you for giving me friends and family to help me. Thank you for surrounding me with opportunities to serve and share your good news of the kingdom.

Please help me to break free of my comfort zone and to value You and Your message above my own will and desire for peace or comfort. Help me to lead my family to pursue you with all of their might and seek you in all the things that they do. Help me to integrate you into every aspect of my life.

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3rd June 2008

Eyes are the window of the soul – Matthew 6:22-23

Here it is in scripture that we see the eye is the window in which either light or dark can enter our body. It seems apparent to me that most of my sin originates with my eyes. I covet, beacause I see something I like. Lust, greed… same thing. So, do I blind myself to avoid all input from sources which aren’t light? No, probably not. I think the key is to fill my eyes with as much light as possible while I pray and focus on the things of God.

This isn’t as difficult as I would think. God, after all made everything that exists. Armed with this knoledge I am transformed every time I look at a tree or an animal… or my wife, or kids. There is ample amounts of light around me to combat the darkness. The key is going to be praying that I can focus on Him and His works, and fill myself up with His beauty and truth to combat the things of this world which assault my senses every day.

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2nd June 2008

Doing some baby snooping

So last night I hear Caeden in his crib “talking” himself to sleep. Now this child doesn’t say a single actual word yet, though he communicates in other ways. He’s 18 months old (yes, we’re taking him to a speech therapist this week). So when I hear him having a full-blown conversation to himself I figure it’s time to pull out the old video camera and snap off some ‘night vision’ footage to see exactly what he’s doing in there. From what we heard, it was like he was negotiating the sale of his teddy bear to the neighbor… It’s got my interest piqued. Hopefully I can set up the camera tonight and post some video tomorrow…

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2nd June 2008

Lessons from the Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-11

The beatitudes give us a good picture of what God values in humanity. If we want to know how to be perceived “at our best” with God, we can look at the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:1-11. In some ways this turns what we know on its head. Just as the Jews believed in the first century, we also tend to believe that the “blessed” are those with power, authority, ego, and means.

But according to this passage, the blessed:

  • Are poor in spirit (they will receive God’s kingdom)
  • Mourn (God will comfort¬† them)
  • Are meek (God will give them the earth)
  • Hunger and thirst for righteousness (God will give them what they seek in full)
  • Are merciful (God will grant them mercy)
  • Are pure in heart (God will show Himself to them)
  • Are people who make peace, not just avoid conflict (God will call them sons)
  • Will be PERSECUTED for being righteous (God has already given them the kingdom of heaven)

Then Jesus reiterates the last statement, saying that when people hate and persecute you and say evil about you (falsely) because of Jesus, then they should rejoice, for their reward (in heaven) is great and and they are following in the footsteps of the prophets before them.

So what have I done lately that is deserving of righteous persecution? Living a peaceful life, absent of anyone being affronted with my faith or my belief, is not exactly what God is going for here.

As a Christian, I shoudl probabaly be so bold as to draw attention. To make men revile me for my faith – but not because of my ego or performance as a person. They should hate me because through my humility and pursuit of mercy and goodness, their own sin is revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. If we are not practicing humility and mercy to the point of being unavoidably noticed, then we are perhaps not acting as Jesus taught.

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