13th December 2007

New House?

imgp6762copy.jpg imgp6764copy.jpg

We finally got the outside of the house finished. Yeah!!!!! You are missing my little happy dance. We still need to do landscaping, but the house has come really far. Many people have said it doesn’t even look like the same house. A huge thank you to Clint, Tom Gaige, and Tom Rutherford (Quality Choice Painting).

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11th December 2007

Caeden’s Birthday Party

We had a fun but simple family birthday party for Caeden and he got his first no-holds-barred taste of cupcake. It took all of Tina’s self-cntrol not to wipe his face after every bite but he managed to get a lot of it down – well, at least the part that wasn’t all over his face. His cousin Joshua had engorged himself on a large personal pan pizza-sized cake at his birthday party (with the help if his Nana) but we opted for a slightly smaller portion for our little Tyke…

Caeden’s birthday cake Hey, give me some!

 Caeden did pretty good at opening presents – at least the kind that consisted of paper stuffed into a gift-bag. Actual wrapped presents took a little help from Mommy. Daddy got to try out his new digital SLR camera (toy) and snapped so many pictures Ansel Adams would be proud (I believe that if I take enough pics, the sheer force of numbers will land me at least one good shot!)

Next up is Christmas and our niece and nephew’s Christmas pageant at their church.

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