2nd November 2007

It was a Star Wars Halloween…

Luke Skywalker and Baby Yoda made their debut at the 2007 DeBoer Halloween spectacular. Actually this was my first real trick or treating Halloween with my kids. We went around with some friends from the neighborhood and knocked on doors… some of them actually opened and people came out.

Was it me or were the number of “here’s a jar of candy, take it yourself” homes a bit high this year? I don’t recall that in my youth – of course the candy was perceived as being safer and we had about 10x the number of houses to ‘sack’.

Baby Yoday - may my drool be with you… always Trick or Treat
Baby Yoda is on the left; the right photo is Elizabeth (butterfly), Joshua (lobster) & TJ the airplane (Tina’s sister’s kids) plus Caleb (Luke Skywalker as X-Wing Pilot) and Caeden (Baby Yoda)

We had fun. Caeden rode the evening out in a backpack, eating his Mommy’s hair and drooling down her neck. Caleb pretty much couldn’t help himself from actually entering people’s homes at each stop and telling them which candy was his favorite. That, of course, was when he wasn’t singing a new song he learned that ended with something about “…smell my feet, I don’t care, I’ll pull down my underwear” if he didn’t get a treat… Ah, good times. Why do we do this again?

Oh yeah, free candy and our kids aren’t the best counters yet.

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1st November 2007

Harry the Pumpkin has Melted

Yes, it’s true. Pumpkins last approximately 48 hours in Florida before they become a quivering mass of gelatinous ant-bait. “Harry” the cantankerous Jewish pumpkin (named him after my grandfather, God rest his – wait, he’s not dead) sank into an abysmal state this evening after enduring two rains and the hot, humid, baking Florida sun. We put him out on Thursday evening and, well… he barely lasted two days before he looked very similar to what you see here.

Harry the Cantankerous Jewish Pumpkin (click for a generously sized picture – not for the squeamish)

R.I.P., Harry… it’s like we hardly knew ya.

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