28th September 2007

Videos finally posted…

Some of you know I’ve been working on wrapping up some videos for like… oh, forever… now. The Audioholics website wasn’t ready to handle them until this week, but they are finally posted. They include a video on installing surround sound speakers and another that is about 40 mins long of the best products we found at CEDIA in Denver (it’s cut like a  TV show and stars our AVRant duo who are both more talented and funnier than I in front of the camera.

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28th September 2007

Fun with a Chrysalis

Caleb brought home a real live chrysalis from school (his teacher gave everyone one to take home). We watched it for days (it was supposed to take well over a week to ‘spawn’.) One day, Tina and I noticed that it had raised up as if he was doing situps and turned a slightly darker shade… Minutes later Tina called me and Caleb over to show us a fully-emerged butterfly. We all missed the actual escape.


Somehow 10 days became 4 days, but we forgot to ask how long the thing had been sitting around I suppose.

Once the butterfly emerges, he basically holds on for dear life as his wings dry (and drip stuff that looks very much like blood.) It’s a pretty cool thing and it really drove home all those Hermie books we’ve read.

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4th September 2007

Denver, here I come…

No, I’m not leaving to go skiing or anything fun like that (can you do that in September?) I’m going off to spend 20-hour days covering new home theater products and eat beef and sushi at nice restaurants… The annual CEDIA convention is held in Denver (thank goodness, it used to be in the armpit that is downtown Indianapolis… for those of you from Indianapolis I don’t have to apologize cause you know what I mean).  Are there ANY good restaurants in Indy? There are tons in Denver and it’s like the highlight of the trip…

Anyway, we’re doing videos this year. I’ll post them here as they are completed… Should be a  lot of fun and we are bringing a crew of 7, including the team from AVRant.com.  We’ll likely do an impromptu podcast Wednesday evening and possibly Thursday and Friday as well.

It’s going to be hectic, but it’s usually a lot of fun as well. Jam 5-7 people into a hotel room with wireless Internet and you’re bound to have loads of fun.

I’ll try to check in from Denver once I get situated…

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